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Est. 2010


My extensive experience with the holistic model of health allows for my doula services to be combined with a comprehensive, holistic approach. This 3-part process is the best way to ensure that you are truly prepared in body, mind, and spirit for childbirth (and beyond!). Wellness coaching and education surrounding natural health and remedies are interwoven throughout the entire process.

Part 1: Holistic Christian Therapy

I utilize a protocol for Christian mind-body work called Splankna Therapy. Splankna Therapy is a holistic, decidedly Christian approach to emotional health which incorporates elements from EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, and Neuro-Emotional Technique. It also includes prayer as an integral part of every session (think 'Deliverance Ministry Meets EMDR'). Utilizing this protocol, I can help expectant parents to prepare for birth, parenthood, and life from a truly holistic and Christian perspective. While many of the techniques utilized in this approach are recognized (and used) in traditional mental health arenas, this holistic therapy is not considered counseling, talk therapy, or "mental health"- but can be viewed under the umbrella of complimentary or alternative therapies for emotional well-being. I have been reviewed and licensed by the state of Colorado for practicing this therapy. Splankna Therapy can be efficient and effective for resolving issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and strongholds - and is particularly well-known for helping individuals to overcome mental obstacles for reaching peak performance.

While my services are traditionally aimed at helping expectant and new parents through the tumultuous changes that can accompany parenthood, I am passionate about helping anyone who desires to grow and heal. This can include anyone in any stage of life, including children and couples. If you are utilizing another doula, or even if you aren't expecting a baby at all, my door is still open to you. Sessions are held privately in my office.

1.5 hour session: $75
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Part 2: Expectant Parents Workshop by Eden's Promise

What does God want you to learn through your pregnancy and childbirth experience? Expectant Parents Workshop is a childbirth preparation program that is specially designed to prepare you and your spouse for childbirth in body, mind, and spirit. Prepare to experience God's Holy Presence as you learn everything from the basics of childbirth and how to cope through labor, to the eternal implications of God's amazing plan for you.

This class is the perfect combination of everything you would expect from a traditional childbirth class (Board-Reviewed Information, Comfort measures, Labor Positions, and Relaxation), PLUS:

Includes one copy of Expectant Parents Workshop: Study Guide, one copy of Expectant Parents Workshop: Devotional and additional class materials.

4-Week Class and Materials: $150
Class details: One night per week for four weeks. 2.5 hours each.
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Part 3: Doula Services

Doula services are available to those couples desiring additional support through the labor and delivery experience. Utilizing the program outlined in Expectant Parents Workshop, I will support you as a couple by helping you to remember (and practice) the physical, mental, and spiritual principles covered in class so that you get through labor as a strong, Christ-centered, discerning team.

The Complete Doula Services Package includes:

Complete Doula Services Package: $850
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