Eden’s Promise, LLC

Holistic Christian Birth Community

Est. 2010

Gain Confidence in Deepening the Birth Experience

Learning to support expectant parents in body, mind, and spirit with our post-certificate training will help you to:

-Add relational and spiritual elements to your evidence-based birth support

-Bring couples closer together by understanding their unspoken emotional/spiritual needs

-Invite and incorporate the leading of the Holy Spirit

-Coach clients in finding God's presence during birth

-Identify and challenge clients' limiting beliefs, while honoring their choices

-Connect the hearts of families back to the Father through the pregnancy and birth experience

A combination of online and in-person/group trainings will be provided to include:

-The heart of Eden's Promise and why we do what we do (1 week)

-Class-by-class overview of Expectant Parents Workshop (4 weeks)

-Engaging with families and the birth culture at large (1 week)

-Completion of this training will allow you the ability to use Expectant Parents Workshop: Devotional and this Expectant Parents Workshop: Study Guide in your own prenatal meetings and classes

After training: What Is Included?

-Access to closed group of Eden's Promise professionals for development, encouragement, and support

-Client referrals (based on your availability and needs; you are not required take pre-assigned clients or share on-call)

-Ability to set your own pricing and schedule

-Listing on website

-Logo and permission to utilize on website and printables

-Unlimited use of Expectant Parents Workshop: Devotional and this Expectant Parents Workshop: Study Guide for prenatal meetings

-Attendance with Eden's Promise at events (if local)

-Free advertising on Eden's Promise social media pages

-FREE membership to Adopt A Mom (additional training required)

Training Details and Tuition Information:

-Trainings are held one Saturday morning per month (live online attendance permitted, and digital recordings available)

-All trainings are available for any kind of professional looking to understand the emotional and spiritual elements of birth (counselors, massage or CAM therapists, and spiritual leaders are welcome!)

-Tuition: $375 (or 3 payments of $140)

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Extras: What else should I know?

The Adopt-A-Mom project is an additional membership option for our trained professionals. It is a non-profit, 501(c)3 initiative of Eden's Promise, LLC. By providing high-quality emotional and spiritual birth support to young/single/at-risk expectant mothers from fully paid professionals, we can bring dignity to their birth experience and hope to their future. We believe that by caring for the mother, we care for the child--bringing healing for generations to come. If you are a professional with a heart for this cause, please consider joining our referral team. Please visit Adopt-A-Mom project for more information.