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The Holistic Approach

We are proud to have been founded by a trained professional in the field of holistic health. We are able to offer sound education surrounding prenatal and postpartum health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. From natural remedies for you and baby, to cloth diapering and even emotional and spiritual support, we are here for you!

Prenatal Workouts

OK, so none of us are Certified Personal Trainers specializing in Pre/Postnatal Fitness, but your physical fitness during your pregnancy is important to us (and to your baby's health)! Babies born to mothers who stay fit and active throughout their pregnancy are born with greater lung capacity, more developed brains, and a greater chance of survival. Plus, exercising in a really smart and time-efficient way will help you FEEL more confident from every angle, even as your baby grows in the front.,/p>

Some of the best prenatal and postpartum exercise plans we have found are by Glow Body Personal Training. You can snag your FREE prenatal workout schedule that will be emailed to you as an instant download, taking you from 1st thru 3rd trimester HERE.

GlowBodyPT's 12-week postpartum plan is 100% breast-feeding supported and will safely help you lose your baby weight, heal your abdominal wall by bringing your abs back together, and add nice lean tone all over your body! This is suggested for 6 weeks postpartum for vaginal deliveries and 8-10 weeks postpartum for cesarean deliveries. This plan also covers why it is so critical to wait until you are cleared to resume exercise, which we agree with. We love these plans! Contact us to get an exclusive Eden's Promise Promo Code!

P.S. Need a friend to hit the park to do these workouts with? Let us know and we'll help arrange a group!

Email Us your questions or schedule a consult to discuss the ways that you can start a healthier lifestyle today!

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