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Each of our doulas are Approved Birth Professionals with the Eden's Promise Holistic Christian Birth Community. This translates to a deeper level of mentorship, support, and accountability that goes beyond basic certification. It indicates a commitment to offering services with eternal value from a balanced, grace-filled, non-judgmental perspective. (Listed alphabetically)

Melea Bauer

Melea (left) is originally from Portland Oregon. She was in nursing school when she met her Army husband and left school to follow him around the world! Melea and her husband have 3 wonderful kids. After the birth of her first child, she realized the importance of a woman getting the full physical and emotional support they need in labor. Melea completed her Doula training in 2009, and has been blessed to serve as a doula all over the country (and even South Korea) - and recently completed her CAPPA childbirth educator training.

Gifted in mercy, teaching, and hospitality, Melea believes being a Doula allows her the amazing privilege to support, nurture and educate women in pregnancy, birth and those wonderful newborn days. In her spare time you'll find Melea cooking, sewing and serving in her military community. Melea owns Blessings of the Womb co-leads the Pure Connection Natural Mothers Group, and also offers pre-marital mentorship with her husband at Mountain Springs Church.

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Taylor-Brooke Hill

For over a decade, Taylor-Brooke (right) has had a passion to support and empower women through childbirth - one of the most beautiful and challenging events a woman experiences in her lifetime! As a doula, her goal is to get to know each mama-to-be to support and empower her in a way that is personal and most helpful to her. Taylor-Brooke is certified and experienced in both home and hospital births.

Taylor-Brooke is a very peaceful person, yet rock solid in hard situations - a perfect combo to have by your side for labor & birth. Tender-hearted and observant, she will know what you need before you do. She is co-owner of Summit Doulas.

Taylor-Brooke learns & loves together with her husband, Tony, and their daughter, Mercy. Most days you can find Taylor-Brooke running, cooking, and creating useful, pretty things. Taylor-Brooke attends New Life Church.

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Amanda Miller

Amanda (left) is a born and raised Colorado Native and has a deep love for the outdoors. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado Christian University and plans to continue her education on to a Masters in Counseling in the near future.

Amanda is a gentle and patient leader, with a heart for children and a knack for noticing and attending to the needs of others. Amanda is married to her husband, Jason and together they have two beautiful boys, Roman and Abram.

Amanda decided to become a Doula after the birth of her first son gave her a passion and love for the child birth process. She recognizes the beauty and strength that comes from a couple as they welcome their children into the world, and feels humbled by God's call for her to come alongside families in such an important time in their life. She is certified and experienced in home and hospital births. She is co-owner of Doodlebug Doula Services and also offers postpartum belly binding.

In her spare time, you'll find Amanda training for her next half-marathon, hiking, reading, and sewing. Amanda also serves in the Children's Ministries at Mountain Springs Church.

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Hannah Yaksich

Hannah owns Sweet Spirited Birth. She is a Colorado Native with a heart to see the world changed by the love of God, and hearts transformed to see the goodness of God in every situation. Hannah has a deep passion for health and wellness, as well as love for the outdoors and anything that has to do with a backyard farm. Hannah is certified through Birth Arts International and has attended many births in the Pikes Peak Region. Hannah plans to add many other certifications and eventually become a CPM (Certified Practitioner Midwife).

Hannah is a discerning and loving leader, with a heart to see families walk from fear and shame into love and grace. She has a knack for helping people reach a destiny when it feels far removed from their vision. Hannah lives this life out with her Husband and two children

Hannah decided to become a doula after the birth of her daughter in 2014. Through the process she saw the faithfulness of God like never before and wanted women to know that they can have a beautiful redeeming birth no matter the circumstances. She is honored to enter in the birth room with mother and fathers and see birth unfold and help guide and direct families into a life changing experience. Hannah is certified and experienced in home and hospital births.

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Tammy Harris, RMT, MLD/C

We love Tammy for her gentle spirit and strong hands. Get to know her a little, and you will probably find that she is among the kindest (yet fiercest) warriors you have ever met. (We say that, not her.) Tammy is a mother of 6 who is well aware of the discomforts of pregnancy and loves bringing her skills in massage therapy to the labor experience. Tammy is one of our team's first "mentees," meaning that while she is experienced in pregnancy and birth, she also desires to deepen her approach with the families she serves.

Tammy is a natural leader, and she does not need to speak loudly to be heard. She is a strong communicator who understands how to discern the heart of the Father. She has a heart for those families who cannot afford the support they need in birth, and is especially drawn to our Adopt-A-Mom project.

Tammy opened Living Tree Massage out of a sincere desire to serve others. She is also very involved in nurturing hearts by leading in a variety of ways at Calvary Chapel. She has a humble heart, so if you want to hear more about that you'll have to ask her.

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Jennifer DeBrito

Jennifer (right) founded Eden's Promise in 2010. Working independently in her first 5 years as a doula, she supported numerous families in the births of their first, second, third, and even fourth children. Her observant and prayerful approach to doula work has given her a deep understanding of the underlying needs of women and couples. The Spirit-led approach of her coaching made all the difference!

Today, Jennifer is able to help even more families to thrive by mentoring, raising up, and partnering with other doulas, educators, and professionals who share her heart for the birth community (and the Adopt-A-Mom project). While she is no longer accepting doula clients, she is proud to mentor other doulas who desire to bring more depth to their coaching. She also still works with families by offering wellness coaching and Splankna Therapy.

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